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Types of Indian Flirty Guys

Flirt a day keeps the doctor away 😉

Flirty guys are sometimes very attractive. But when it comes to Indian guys..

1) The Online- Flirters
These type of boys are generally shy in the open but playboys behind the computer screens. They are going to send you some exceptionally cheesy lines googled from the Internet and present you as their own.

Image result for flirting fails

2) The Walking- Compliment Generator
They want to flirt with you so bad that they are ready to compliment you on almost everything. You bought a new bag? "It's as cute as you." You breathe air? "Me too girl. We have so much in common."

Image result for annoying gif

3) The Clown-guy

They know that girls love funny boys. So they're going to crack jokes in order to impress you. They'll do impressions, make bad puns and even tease you the most. They are never serious and can turn any boring situation into an enjoyable one. And yeah we kind of like them too! Shhhh...

Image result for he's so cute gif

4) The One who cannot hear a NO
They are the most annoying people on earth. Even after denying their offer like thousand times a day they are still going to pester you to go out with them. Please guys do yourselves a favor and buy a new dictionary with the word no.

Related image

5) The Shy-Flirters
Aww they're so cute. They generally stammer when they talk without making any eye contact. They try their best to impress but get nervous around you. Either they'll do little things to get your attention or ignore you altogether but that doesn't mean they don't like you!

Image result for stammering gif

6)The Johnny Bravo
We all know at least one guy like this. The one who has the potential to make you cringe at his overly sexual lines. He has the talent to convert any non sexual thing into totally inappropriate nonsense.

Image result for johnny bravo gif
7)The Men
They cannot deal with the fact that you know that they have soft corner for you. So they'll act like a complete jerk around you even they genuinely like you. 

Image result for shrug gif

8) The Arm-Toucher
They just need a small opportunity to touch you in any way they can. Either they'll touch your arm or lean closer to talk to you.

Image result for arm touching gif

9) The Macho One 
I'm 50% sure these types of guys actually like you, but I'm 100% sure they like themselves way more. They're full of themselves and probably only send photos of their abs on snapchat.

Image result for johnny bravo gif'

10) The Poet
These are the sweet ones. They try a lot to impress you and make you feel like a princess but it can get a teeny bit over-the-top. But there's no denying that they're probably the ones that always get the girl!

Image result for he's so cute gif

But honestly guys, we girls love it when you flirt! 

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