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Why Indian High School Relationships are Shit

You just want Attention
You don't want my heart 💔

That's extremely sad to hear that your crush indirectly rejected you because of your braces. It's even sadder to hear that you got dumped because she didn't find your instagram game lit enough.
Now we're not saying these are problems only Indian girls/boys face, but if you're Indian you've definitely faced most of these.

Now as it is, in India it is a taboo to get in a relationship before you're married. You cannot make eye contact with a guy because you'll get pregnant. And if you ever touch a guy except to have kids one day after marrying a total stranger, you're as good as dead.

Here are reasons why Indian high school relationships never work out.

1) Your parents probably check your phone.
You're not allowed to put passwords and lock your phone. You have to give your phone at regular intervals for 'investigation'. So goodbye to all the "I love you" text messages...

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2) No one knows how dating works here.
All knowledge we have of relationships is from English movies and sitcoms. Because if we didn't watch them we would still be thinking that marriage is the only relationship you can get into. Also these sitcoms and movies have raised our 'we deserve much hotter partner' level very high. If we don't get Zac Efron or Gigi Hadid it just pisses us off.

3) Roaming around with guys.
You cannot stand anywhere ahead of 10 feet of a guy. And if a judgemental aunty sees you walking around with a guy, soon the President of India will also get to know.

4) Meeting the parents
There is no meeting the parents in India unless you've come for marriage. In fact, it's best to not even tell your parents about your partner. Just don't, trust me.

5) Lack of Trust.
At this age we don't really comprehend the meaning of the term 'dating'. You don't get angry at your beau because he has a snapchat streak with another girl. You don't get mad at your girl because she decided to hang out with her guy best friend. These kind of relationships are fragile and need to be nurtured by trust which unfortunately lacks the most.

6)"Don't upload anything on Facebook! Mere relatives hain yaar".
From every single like to each and every meme shared our nosy relatives keep a track of our entire social media routine. If they get to know that a person of the opposite sex liked your selfie matlab kuch toh gadbad hai daya. It's going to be the headlines of the local daily soon. What if they see a photo of yours snuggling with your bae? Booooom!

7) Breakup for one and only reason.
Mummy ko pata chal gaya. The sole reason why couples break up here is because their parents get to know about it. All the best.

8) Online Flirting.
'I don't need oxygen I need you.' We are pretty sure your messenger is filled with such cheesy lines. Basically meeting up in public is such a dangerous task that most of the relationship is online which makes it pretty cheesy and hilarious to read.

9) The popularity tag.
The main reason why people date is because it will enhance their popularity game. Also just add a little bit of drama, making out and fights and voila your popularity dish is ready to be served hot.

10) The no. of chicks/ dicks you get= +1 Swag point
Breaking up is so common here as people are vigorously working on their main goal of winning the crown of 'Who breaks the most hearts'. Honestly it's so childish. Which award are you aiming for? Bad karma?

But these are just our opinions.These relations are just as cute as adult ones. One thing which we cannot deny at all are the butterflies you get. Happy dating!


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